About LEG

Our Mission and Charge:

The Learning Environments Group (LEG) has helped Mason establish itself as a national leader in the design and creation of state-of-the-art learning environments. Over a third of our classrooms have been designed as signature spaces that have been optimized for active and collaborative learning in physical and virtual modalities, maximizing flexibility. LEG examines questions related to the design and use of our learning environments, formal and informal, including the integration of learning across modalities. A primary goal of this group is to advise the university by proposing solutions regarding the design and implementation of environments that support engaged learning and thus enhance student retention and success.

In light of continuing evidence of the value of active and experiential learning strategies, LEG will work to identify models across the disciplines and modalities for how faculty and students might take full advantage of our diverse physical and virtual learning environments, and recommend support structures that will enable faculty success.

LEG Membership


Kim Eby, Co-Chair
Office of the Provost
Susan Kehoe
Academic Strategy (ITS)
Shelley Reid, Co-Chair
Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning
Jeff Kling
Classroom and Lab Technologies (ITS)
Crystal Clemons, Co-Chair
Learning Space Design (ITS)
Shawn Lee
School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management (CEHD)
Crystal Anderson
Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning
David Lemmons
University Libraries
Breana Bayraktar
Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning
LeAnn Pittman
Learning Space Design (ITS)
Debbie Brady
Campus Planning and Facilities
Jeremy Plotnick
Minor Programs (SBUS)
Mihai Boicu
Information Sciences & Technology (VSE)
Katie Rosenbusch
Management (Business)
Tom Butler
Office of the Registrar (Provost)
Shani Ross
Bioengineering (VSE)
Jesse Guessford
Undergraduate Education
Ala Showers
Digital Learning, Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning
Rebecca Jones
Chemistry (COS)
Virginia Steele
Planning and Design, Facilities

Learning Environments Assessment Group (LEAG)

The Learning Environments Assessment Group (LEAG) collaborates with the Learning Environments Group to support faculty engagement and success in Mason’s Active Learning Classrooms through the following methods:

  • Conducting studies to learn more about how faculty make pedagogical choices about active learning in their classrooms
  • Assessing the faculty and student experience in active learning classrooms
  • Sharing assessment results to inform campus planning efforts

LEAG Membership

Ashley Archer
Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

Breana Bayraktar
Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning

Kim Eby
Faculty Affairs and Development

Shelley Reid
Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning